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Headquartered in Princeton, NJ with satellite offices in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Washington, DC, Lucid Investment Strategies LLC is a boutique asset management and financial consulting firm utilizing its proprietary investment processes  which it has used for 35 institutional defined benefit and defined contribution clients and over 500 retirement accounts as well as 3,000 trust clients.

Lucid Investment Strategies, LLC operates on the fundamental premise that there are identifiable forces that move prices in the financial markets on a sustained basis, but these forces impact various segments of the stock and bond markets in different ways at different times.  Lucid’s investment process is designed to evaluate these forces and anticipate their market impact on each major market segment. Excess returns are achieved by positioning portfolios into the rewarding segments and away from the underperforming segments. Lucid at all times seeks to achieve superior investment performance while minimizing risk.  Further, Lucid Investment Team’s philosophy is reflected in its performance results, as it has outperformed the broad market and specific market indexes such as the S&P 500 over full market cycles. Our investment team pioneered no load mutual fund and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) investing and continues to be an industry authority and leader using this strategy. One step ahead, we are expanding investment opportunities by allowing people to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Because crypto investment has the potential to yield high returns. And trading bots like bitcoin code have made possible cryptocurrency trade much easier and efficient than ever before. Also, People who use the bitcoin code for trading can ensure the credibility of the platform with the bitcoin code test. So, Investors must try crypto trading to reap numerous benefits. Before you really know how to buy stocks, it is wise to develop your stock trading knowledge and avoid taking a downturn. It will ensure that you don't open a broker account and don't deposit funds without a firm understanding of how financial markets work. You can refer to the guide on how to buy shares in South Africa online, which provides useful insight into buying shares for a profitable outcome.

D. Tyler Jenks, the President, and CIO (Chief Investment Officer) of Lucid Investment Strategies LLC, has over 40 years as an investment manager has personally developed numerous proprietary technical systems, including Hyperwave, Seljen, Capital Market Quanta and the Conditional Price Continuum. Tyler has managed billions of dollars for Institutional Investors, Pension Funds, Hedge Funds and individual clients.

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